Grace2Grace is Consolidated Contracting’s core value of Community in action.

To us, Community is more than where you live or work. It is more than that feeling of belonging to a certain group. At Consolidated, we take it a step further and define Community as expressing gratitude by serving others. Simply put, it is the act of giving back.

For as long as Consolidated has been in existence, giving back has been part of its culture. From donations and walks, to golf tournaments and galas, Consolidated continues to serve and support causes for those in need.

Here is a partial list of organizations Consolidated has been involved with over the past 32 years:

  • International Sanctuary
  • Family Assistance Ministry
  • Make-A-Wish
  • San Ysidro Health
  • Vista Community Clinic
  • SLDC
  • CAF
  • Deed and Truth
  • House2Home Project

In 2021, Consolidated Contracting announced a new program called Grace2Grace as the philanthropic arm of the company. It comprises all we do to give back, as well as provide a way for all of our employees to contribute.

Consolidated employees are passionate about participating in charitable causes. With the Grace2Grace program, Consolidated provides three ways to get involved:

Volunteer – There are numerous charitable events we take part throughout the year in which employees can volunteer their time, skills, and enthusiasm.

Donate – Consolidated holds food drives, fundraisers, and collects donations of household items for Home2Home events.

Support – Behind the scenes support matters! Office help, organizing, talking to and encouraging others, and praying are all ways to make a difference.